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Careers in Emergency Communications

                                          We Live To Help People

                                          Dispatch can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career.  It is the ultimate form of                                                            “customer service”. 9-1-1 Telecommunicators and called dispatchers are the vital link                                                  between citizens with a problem and the Police, Fire and EMS responders.

                                          If you are interested in looking into a career in emergency communications, this site                                                    provides job vacancies on occasion for the 9-1-1 call centers within the state of Missouri.

                                          What is it Like?

                                          If you ask 9-1-1 Telecommunicators what they like about their job, they will tell you:

  1.                                    Exciting work environment

  •                                    The opportunity and ability to help people in need

  •                                    Interaction with other dispatchers, police officers and fire personnel

  •                                    Variety – there’s always something new

  •                                    Being a hero to someone every day

  •                                    Making a difference in the community


​Dispatchers are required to make quick decisions; coordinate multiple tasks at one time; have reasoning skills and the ability to maintain control of a situation. It is the nature of the job that, at any time, an emergency will require a dispatcher’s full and immediate attention and response. Individuals with the ability to remain calm, professional and even-tempered during emergency situations are the candidates necessary for this challenging, yet rewarding, career.

Job Openings:

All job postings are provided to the Mo911DA by the specified jurisdiction and are listed on the website as a courtesy. Mo911DA does not hire dispatchers or telcommunicators. All information pertaining to the job (job description, contact info, etc.) will be provided on the job description link.



Current Openings:

No openings available at this time. 

You can always reach out to your local agency for openings and information.

Dispatchers - Thin Gold Line
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