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Missouri 9-1-1 Regions

Missouri currently has eight 9-1-1 regions with representatives from each regions on the Missouri 9-1-1 Director's Association.

Region 1 Representative:

Jennifer Protzman - St. Joseph Communications Center 


Region 2 Representative:

Jessica Mayfield - Benton County Central Dispatch

Region 3 Representative:

Sarah Newell - Central Dispatch of Polk County

Region 4 Representative:

Shelby Creed - Linn County 9-1-1

Region 5 Representative:

Kevin Wieberg - Moniteau County Emergency Dispatch

Region 6 Representative:

Stacey Smith - Rolla Police Department Central Comm

Region 7 Representative:

Jeff Smith - St. Charles County Emergency Communications Director

Region 8 Representative:

Jess Cagle - Pemiscot County Sheriff's Office, Emergency Services

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